Cultivating The Excellent Spirit Of Worship. Part One.

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon from my  side of the world, it’s also my second post on this new blog site, I am still trying to get my balance,but I know this is one thing I should be doing now, sharing all about music generally, and also lessons learned along the way in my over two decades as a Christian musician, songwriter, worship leader.

Many years back I had the opportunity of getting some materials that helped me as a worship leader in my local assembly and also in my music ministry.

Many a time I find myself on Sunday morning ready getting to church, I have to be the one to make sure the boys are ready with the right kind of clothes to wear, we always argue about that every Sunday morning, and then when everyone is ready and we are headed out, that’s when I realize I have forgotten something, the thought of forgetting something already has put me under a weird pressure- meanwhile I am the one leading that Sunday morning worship. We head back home.

I’m struggling to open the lock on the gate that I just locked a few minutes back. My hands are getting sweaty as I am already agitated, we are running behind time and service will start in church shortly…

The typical life of a worship leader, worship leaders are in a strange place, we have the privilege of creating an atmosphere for people to offer their hearts to God in adoration and gratitude, but the problem is that our position as leaders also comes with the responsibility that requires our heart to be in a place of worship before Sunday morning, just like everyone else, we all have one thing or the other we are dealing with emotionally, financially and every other thing that comes with real life.

christian worship

We have to always keep short account with God if we expect to lead worship every week, we can’t allow sins to fester unconfessed or undealt with if we allow such we jeopardized our relationship with God and also the excellent worship we are offering- that’s a huge responsibility, more so it’s one of the great blessings of serving the body of Christ-the CHURCH.

We get in front of people week in, week out, family, friends those who know us, who can almost read our facial expressions, they can almost read our hearts, we must deal with any kind of sin in our lives. it is important that we must cultivate a daily friendship with GOD, turning our hearts to him a thousand times over in order to be real worshipers- that is what makes us authentic in our worship.

Whatever we are doing on a daily basis, taking care of the home, picking the children from school or running errands we have to be preoccupied with the Lord, working towards oneness with Him at all times.


The relationship, like I said earlier, is a daily thriving not just a Sunday morning mantle that we put on because worship is much more relationship than music, we just simply using music a tool to help us connect relationally to God.

There is no way we would express our honest worship to God- sacrificing our bodies, emotions, and hearts to him that it will not affect other vertical relationships. Yes, there are days when the skies will just be blue, and we are just going through the motions even as we stand before the people, it doesn’t always last long.

There are times when we are completely inspired and full of God and full of the spirit, and we lead worship consistently and thing are happening in the lives of people and all around us, but then are also days when it just seems so hard to do, and we find ourselves struggling- it is part of life, those are the days we need to remember that it is all about God -to be centered in the Father.

It is our top priority when we understand that as worship leaders we help others find that same place in their lives. In cultivating the heart of excellence worship it is of utmost importance to acknowledge our emptiness to the Lord, not trying to be macho or mechanical with our worship because we feel we know how to do it- make some noise, psych peoples emotions and throw out some lines and the whole place is agog No!, It is to let God have His way or put it this way in the words of TobyMac ..let God steal the show!

I will continue on this topic next week

Until then, I remain,


Your friend…musically

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