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Song Quotes Monday.

Hello Music Lover, all over the world welcome to a brand new week full of beautiful melodies and Harmonies. It’s another Monday when I get to post beautiful musical quotes from the minds of music creatives.

Today’s quote goes thus:

Words make you think

Music makes you feel

A song makes you feel a thought- E.Y Harburg.

E.Y Harburg was a lyricist, known for writing lyrics for “OVER THE RAINBOW”, Brother, can you spare a dime and many more.He died at the age of 84-


He wrote words to the music of some of America’s leading popular composers like Harold Arlen, Vernon Duke, Jerome Kern to mention a few- creating songs that have distinctive touches of romantic imagination laced with his own strong view on social justice.

He was known for writing songs that address the social system and the plight of the common man, which made him be blacklisted on many grounds.

In his own words, Harburg admits to being a rebel, ” I think I’m a rebel at birth, I contest anything that is unjust that causes suffering for humanity”. My feeling about that is so great that I don’t think I could live with myself if I weren’t honest”.

I will like to read your thoughts on the quote, and or your contributions.

Thank you

Your friend…musically


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