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Songwriting as if you are talking.

Still, on the Songwriting series, this post is a follow up to my last postsongwriting2

Have you ever heard your favourite song and felt as if the singer was talking to you.  Have you ever wondered how the singer got to write that amazing song that spoke to you if he /she knew your situation?

I have heard amazing songs and I have been captivated by the imagination behind the lyrics, those songs are like conversations when two or more people are talking together. Those types of songs are called conversational songs.

My husband and I, attended a friend’s 50th birthday recently and we were gifted with Cobham’s Asuquo’s For You album, it’s his recent work. That album is really a great collection of worship songs and some others.

There is a particular track on that album that is conversational ( write the track name. There are many techniques used in writing interesting engaging songs. One of such is conversational lyrics, though it is by no means the only technique, it is one of the tools to get your songs to communicate clearly to anyone listening.

How do you write conversational lyrics or songs?

When you are talking to your friend in one on one, there is a lot of nodding, eye contact, gesticulating one-way or another in order to pass your message across to each other effectively.what about talking on the phone, this time you can’t see the person on the other line, so you can’t really engage in gesticulating or  body language, you only rely on the variety of tonal and vocal dynamics to communicate to each other.

I mentioned Cobham’s album earlier, it is such a nice work that it in replay mode, more we all sing along with it every time.My son’s favourite is “Angels all around”. That track is conversational because it is very simple and easy to grasp. 

When next you are writing a song and you want, even the children to engage with it, make it simple and easy to grasp. Your listener doesn’t have to do serious thinking to figure out how the song is playing/

Conversational songs have to be “simple” and direct. Once again simplicity cannot be overemphasised, the song has to be direct. Your story is told clearly and directly, you are not over poetic in language, there is no room for wandering thoughts.

Let’s take a look at this song:

There are angels all around

They are wherever you find me

So be still

Don’t make a sound

There are angels all around

They are watching over me

Over mountains, oceans, land and sea

So be still, don’t make a sound

There are angels all around.

Conversational songs help your listeners remember and get into your song quickly, t can still sing them long after it’s been played.


Your friend…musically


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