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Song Quote Monday.

Welcome to a brand new day. Today's quote is from Leonard Bernstein. Leonard Bernstein was an American composer, author, conductor, music lecturer and pianist. He was one of the prodigiously talented and successful musicians in American history. Do you know that music has the power and capacity to combat violence and the injustices that cloud… Continue reading Song Quote Monday.

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Songwriting as if you are talking.

Still, on the Songwriting series, this post is a follow up to my last post Have you ever heard your favourite song and felt as if the singer was talking to you.  Have you ever wondered how the singer got to write that amazing song that spoke to you if he /she knew your situation? I have… Continue reading Songwriting as if you are talking.

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Song Quotes Monday.

Hello Music Lover, all over the world welcome to a brand new week full of beautiful melodies and Harmonies. It's another Monday when I get to post beautiful musical quotes from the minds of music creatives. Today's quote goes thus: Words make you think Music makes you feel A song makes you feel a thought-… Continue reading Song Quotes Monday.